Making Store Bought Cupcakes Creative for School

Cupcakes with Toppers

Where I live, parents aren’t allowed to send homemade items in to school due to food allergy concerns.  Great school policy, but frustrating for creative bakers like me.  My answer was to place homemade cupcake toppers on the store bought cupcakes.  My little Lego ‘brick’ toppers weren’t that hard to make – PLUS my son and his classmates loved them.  Now that’s Super.

Closeup of Toppers

Easy M&M Cupcakes

Easy is the best – and when you get a crazy amount of compliments about something that was SUPER easy, well, even better!

Carrot Easter Cupcakes 3


I recently made these M&M Carrot Cupcakes for Easter. I used a simple white box cake mix, with my favorite Duncan Hines Butter Cream frosting – then added the M&M’s. Just like that. Well . . . okay, the sorting of the M&M’s  (opening a couple packages and picking out the orange and green ones) took a little bit of time, but it was worth it.

I did get TONS of compliments – and they were yummy, too!


I found the idea for these on Pinterest (click here for the original post). Most of my best ideas start with something I came across on Pinterest.
Carrot Easter Cupcakes 2