Candy Corn Cookies for Halloween

Halloween is coming!

Cany Corn Cookies 1











My favorite Sugar Cookie recipe can be used to create these great Candy Corn Cookies. A small amount of yellow and orange gel icing coloring is used to tint the dough for the larger sections. You bake it like a small pizza & then cut the ‘slices’ into the individual Candy Corns. You can use round cookie cutters or bowls of different sizes to cut the circles – and then assemble them before baking. I put white Royal Icing on the ‘tips’ of the cookies, after cutting, because I thought the plain dough wasn’t quite white enough. You can make them any size you want, but my finished cookies were only about 2 inches long.  I found a great tutorial on these at


Making Store Bought Cupcakes Creative for School

Cupcakes with Toppers

Where I live, parents aren’t allowed to send homemade items in to school due to food allergy concerns.  Great school policy, but frustrating for creative bakers like me.  My answer was to place homemade cupcake toppers on the store bought cupcakes.  My little Lego ‘brick’ toppers weren’t that hard to make – PLUS my son and his classmates loved them.  Now that’s Super.

Closeup of Toppers